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Christensen Concrete Products Open House - September 19, 2014, 1:00-6:00 pm

Join us for the Christensen Concrete Products Open House. Read more to view full schedule.

1:00 Permeable Pavers – Tracy Yunger, Pavestone Products

Permeable pavers are an attractive way to meet the needs of a majority of storm water management plans (SWMP). Tracy will be demonstrating the installation of permeable pavers and the benefits achieved.

1:30 Polymeric Paver Sand - Mark Rainforth, Tilley’s Lawn & Landscape

Polymeric sand is the ideal way to lock pavers in place. Once the poly sand sets, it becomes very firm and locks between the paver joints. Mark will discuss the use of polymeric sand in paver joints and demonstrate the proper way to install.

2:00 Paver Enhancer - Wes Cunningham – Prosoco Products

Paver Kare® Paver Enhancer WB is a long-lasting, penetrating water repellent for enhancing the natural color of most clay, concrete and natural stone paving, new or old. This water-based blend of siloxane resins increases paver service-life by providing protection against weather- and water-borne staining and soiling. It also helps pavers resist damage from destructive de-icing salts.

Paver Enhancer WB is ideal for interlocking concrete, clay and integrally colored concrete paving, indoors or out. It will not alter the natural texture of treated surfaces.

2:30 Kolorstone Concrete Coating – Mark Cleveringa, Ash Grove Packaging

Ash Grove KolorStone Classic is a polymer modified, two-part cementitious coating specifically designed to create architectural and decorative concrete finishes on a variety of surfaces, including sidewalks, driveways, patios, steps, retaining walls, stucco and swimming pools.

3:00 Graffiti Control for Masonry & Concrete Buildings – Wes Cunningham, Prosoco Products

Sure Klean® Weather Seal Blok-Guard® & Graffiti Control is a clear, solvent-based silicone elastomer formulated to weatherproof concrete block and other porous masonry materials. Blok-Guard® & Graffiti Control protects masonry surfaces from repeated graffiti attacks without altering the natural appearance.

Blok-Guard® & Graffiti Control penetrates and fills pores to prevent water penetration through exterior walls exposed to normal weathering. Graffiti removal is fast and easy using Defacer Eraser® Graffiti Wipe. Blok-Guard® & Graffiti Control is easy to apply with low-pressure spray, brush or roller.

3:30 Saltguard Concrete Protectant – Wes Cunningham, Prosoco Products

Consolideck® Saltguard® is a general-purpose silane/siloxane water repellent and chloride screen for concrete and masonry, including concrete block, and clay and concrete brick surfaces. Saltguard® protects horizontal and vertical surfaces from moisture intrusion and chemical attack of chloride salts, reducing rebar corrosion and surface spalling.

Saltguard® may be used on horizontal surfaces such as sidewalks, tile and brick pavers. It also provides excellent protection for retaining walls, bridge pilings and other vertical areas. In coastal areas, Saltguard® protects against salt air by reducing chloride penetration. Saltguard® also prevents deep-seated staining by mud splashes and other waterborne contaminants.

Consolideck® Saltguard® WB is a ready-to-use water-based, VOC compliant silane/siloxane water repellent and “chloride screen” for the protection of concrete and masonry. Saltguard® WB penetrates more deeply than conventional water- or solvent-based water repellents. Low odor and alkaline stable, Saltguard® WB is ideal for field or in-plant application to concrete and most masonry. Saltguard® WB protects horizontal and vertical surfaces from moisture intrusion and chemical attack of chloride salts.

4:00 ACO Drain Systems – Grant Olsen, Kearney Crete and Block

ACO Drain is a modular grated trench drain system and is ideal for a great number of commercial and industrial applications varying from simple streetscapes to expansive airport tarmacs.

ACO Drain systems consist of factory manufactured channel units made from corrosion resistant polymer concrete, and grates made from a variety of materials for all loading applications. ACO Drain systems are available in a number of widths up to 300mm. For some systems, channels can be assembled to produce sloped runs, ideal for drainage of flat pavements. Grant will have a variety of sizes and styles on hand to demonstrate how the ACO drain works in a variety of situations.

4:30 Exterior Finishing Insulation System (EIFS) – Mark Cleveringa, Ash Grove Packaging

Mark will show us how to apply the three basic layers listed below and discuss other options that should be incorporated in the application.

  • Insulation- A layer of foam plastic insulation sheets.

  • Base Coat- A reinforced layer that is applied onto the face of the insulation with a trowel, consisting of a fiberglass reinforcing mesh ( or “mesh”) embedded in a cementitous adhesive.

  • Finish/Top Coat- The final layer is usually a colored, textured paint-like material that is usually applied with a trowel. A wide range of colors and textures are available as well as custom colors.