Prosoco Paver Kare Paver Enhancer, 1-gal.

Product Attributes

  • Item Number: 56911
  • Product: Prosoco Paver Kare Paver Enhancer, 1-gal.
  • Stock UOM: EA
  • Manufacturer: Prosoco Inc
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 56070-01GAL
  • Tradename: Paver Kare®
  • Weight (lb.): 10
  • Container Size: 1 gal.


Paver Kare® Paver Enhancer is a solvent-based

blend of high-quality siloxanes modified to provide

excellent water repellency and color enhancement

to interlocking concrete, fired clay, porous tile and

many types of natural stone surfaces.

Paver Enhancer penetrates and reacts with the

surface to form a chemical bond, providing

long-term durability, alkali resistance and superior



• Provides excellent color enhancement.

• Controls rainwater penetration through

hard-to-seal surfaces.

• Helps control efflorescence, and moistureand

traffic-related staining.

• Simplifies cleaning.

• Low odor.

• Treated surfaces “breathe” – does not trap



• Not suitable for extremely dense or asphaltic surfaces.

• Not recommended for below-grade applications.

• Will not prevent water penetration through structural cracks, defects or open joints.

• Always pretest before use around pools or fountains to ensure desired results.

• Not appropriate for application to asphaltic or painted surfaces.

• Not suitable for application to synthetic resin

paints, gypsum, plaster or other non-masonry surfaces.

• Not suitable for sale in states and districts with more restrictive AIM VOC regulations.