Hinkley Lighting

Kearney Crete & Block offers a line of outdoor lighting products from Hinkley Lighting. Hinkley Lighting has transformed from a small outdoor lantern company to a global brand intent on bringing the best in style, quality and value. LIFE AGLOW, That's Hinkley Lighting's mantra. Let our products become part of your family's everyday life, illuminating small moments and big occasions with stylish, state-of-the-art lighting.

Path | Area Lighting

Hardy Island Small Hammered Path Light

Hardy Island Small Classic Path Light

Hardy Island Round Side Mount

Ellipse Path Light Black

Ellipse Path Light Southern Clay

Accent | Spotlight Lighting

Hardy Island Spot Light

Hardy Island Small Wall Wash Flood Light

Hardy Island Flat Top Well Light - 60 Degree/3000k

Hardy Island Flat Top Well Light - 25 Degree/3000k

Hardy Island Flat Top Well Light - 60 Degree/2700k

Hardy Island Flat Top Well Light - 25 Deg/2700k

Aluminum Spot Light 60 Degree 3000k

Aluminum Spot Light 25 Degree/3000k

Aluminum Spot Light 60 Degree/2700k

Aluminum Spot Light 25 Degree/2700k

Hardscape | Deck | Step Lights

Nuvi Hardscape Light Sandstone

Nuvi Hardscape Light Bronze

Nexus Small Hardscape Light

Nexus Large Hardscape Light

Lamps | Accessories

LED Module - 5 Watt/3000k

LED Module - 3 Watt/3000k

LED Module - 5 Watt/2700k

LED Module - 3 Watt/2700

Spot Lens 25 Degree

Spot Lens 40 Degree

Spot Lens 60 Degree

Hinkley Demo Kit

12 Gauge Wire 500'

12 Gauge Wire 250'

12 Gauge Wire 100'

Wire Connectors - 20 pack

9" Ground Spike

Power Supplies | Accessories

150 Watt Pro-Series Transformer

300 Watt Pro-Series Transformer

150 Watt Standard Transformer

Standard timer

Astronomical Timer

Direct Mount Photocell

Photocell w/ 10' Wire